Meet The Band

Doug Hubert (guitar, lead vocals): Originally from Queensbury, NY, Doug is a Binghamton University graduate and veteran Science teacher who has guided hundreds of young people through the hallowed halls of Union-Endicott High School where he also heads up the highly respected Science Research and Medical Pathways programs. A completely self-taught guitarist, Doug has been performing for over 20 years. Doug plays Taylor and Takemine acoustics, the “silent” Yamaha, and occasionally a Les Paul.

Eamonn Hubert (lead guitar, vocals): Now 14, Eamonn played his first public gig at age 6. He’s been active in his school orchestra and band playing violin/fiddle, cello, and tenor saxophone, but he also very competently wields the ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar, and piano with some dabbling on banjo and drums. Eamonn has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and a stutter, but he also has perfect pitch which is thought to occur in roughly 1 of every 10,000 people. Some of his other interests are guitars, guitar pedals, home recording, (mostly) dead guitarists, and Roblox. Eamonn’s #1 is a Fender American Elite Strat, but he occasionally slings a 2019 Blueberry Burst Gibson Les Paul Standard, a 2019 Duesenberg Caribou, a custom Kanile’a concert ukulele, and Taylor and Takemine acoustics and just joined the Fractal Audio Systems family. Watch for him on the talkbox pedal and slide guitar, too.

Eamonn first performed at the NY State Blues Festival in 2016 after winning 2nd place in the KJ James Memorial Scholarship competition with other kids 18 and under. The whole band played a full set at the 2021 Blues Festival, and Eamonn sat in with Clarence Spady for a song at the 2022 Blues Festival.

Eamonn has been a fan of School of Rock the movie since he first saw it about 6 years ago. In 2017, a casting associate for Broadway’s School of Rock the Musical stumbled onto some of Eamonn’s YouTube videos and surprised us with and audition invitation for the principal child role of Zack Mooneyham. He was summoned to NYC twice more before landing the role of swing in December 2018. He had his debut as Zack at the 97-year-old Connor Palace Theater at Playhouse Square in Cleveland on March 13, 2019 before 2,700+ screaming fans, literally a dream come true! Between January and June 2019, Eamonn and his mom spent 20 weeks traveling to 17 cities in 13 states, and he was fortunate and honored to join his supremely talented kid and adult castmates in wowing the crowds 19 times as Zack, Billy, and James– what a life-changing opportunity (thanks, Tara Rubin Casting, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Brian Schrader/Troika, Chris DeAngelis, Kara Haller, Martyn Axe, Ben Zoleski, Dave Saenger, Gary Trainor, Brian Golub, Layne Roate, Deidre Lang, Aki Akinola, Kristin Nocero, Drew Lundquist, Mystic, Jin, and John Inscho, Camille, Anna, and Celio de la Cruz, the Trueblood clan, Mayumi Harada & Julian Breschia, Jeri, Shaun & Jacob Moran, Lynn & Alyssa Marvin, Sammy & Shawn Dell, & Dana, David & Sami Bray)!

Gordie Gottlieb (bass): Gordie is a guitar player and bassist who has been playing for more than 15 years. He was formerly with the band Motortramp and now plays bass for AlGoreRhythm and Floating Down. When he’s not playing, you’ll find Gordie spending time with his wife Megan and their two children or enjoying the outdoors.

Stephen “Shimes” Shimer (drums): You’ve probably heard “Shimes in the Morning” on Cool 106.7, and 95 the MET in Elmira. He’s been the Equinox Broadcasting – Operations Manager for 20+ years. Shimes has been drumming since 1975 and started out playing with marching bands and drum corps, taking up the drum set later. He was the Union-Endicott Tiger’s Pride Marching Band Drumline and Winter drum line Head Percussion Instructor from 2005 to 2018. Shimes was also the Public Address Announcer for the Binghamton Devils AHL Hockey team and has served as the BCVMA hockey announcer since 1997. Shimes plays a PDP X7 drumset and uses Pro Mark drumsticks.