Meet The Band

Doug Hubert (guitar, lead vocals): Originally from Queensbury, NY, Doug is a BU graduate and veteran science teacher who has guided hundreds of young people through the hallowed halls of Union-Endicott High School where he also heads up the highly respected Science Research and Medical Pathways programs. A completely self-taught guitarist, Doug has been performing for nearly 20 years.

Eamonn Hubert (lead guitar, vocals): Eamonn is an award-winning 11-year-old guitarist who has been performing for about 5 years; he also plays ukulele, a little mandolin, bass guitar, the Seagull Merlin dulcimer guitar, and is getting really good on the drums and piano as well! Eamonn has autism, ADHD, and a stutter but he also has perfect pitch which occurs in roughly 1 of every 10,000 people. Settle in for an informative lecture should you happen to ask him about guitars, guitar pedals, tornadoes, the Titanic, or Minecraft…

Eamonn performed at the 2016 NY State Blues Festival after winning 2nd place in the KJ James Memorial Scholarship competition against other kids ages 18 and under. Doug & Eamonn appear on a live compilation CD recorded in Feb. 2016 at the Soul Shakers Winter Blues Guitarmageddon concert at the Scranton Cultural Center. The CD is available at

In 2017, Eamonn was invited by a casting associate for “School of Rock” on Broadway to audition for the principal child role of Zach Mooneyham– he knocked it out of the park and they loved him, but they’d like him to be a little older. He’s on their list for replacement once the new kid gets too old!

Mike Whittemore (keys, harmonica, guitar, vocals): Mike is an experienced musician and songwriter who joined the band in March 2017. He is a writer and video developer for Modern Marketing Concepts in Kirkwood, but you may have also seen him on your local news–previously working for FOX 40 News in Binghamton and Spectrum News in Albany. He also worked at the local Guitar Center with Gordie. You can check out some of his solo music at

Gordie Gottlieb (bass): Gordie is a guitar player and bassist who has been playing for 15 years. He was formerly with the band Motortramp and now plays bass for AlGoreRhythm and Floating Down. When he’s not playing, you’ll find Gordie at Guitar Center in Johnson City, spending time with his wife Megan and their two children, or enjoying the outdoors.

Steve “Shimes” Shimer (drums): You’ve probably heard “Shimes in the Morning” on Cool 106.7, and 95 the MET in Elmira. He’s been the Equinox Broadcasting – Operations Manager for 21 years. Shimes has been a drummer since 1975! He started out playing with marching bands and drum corps, and then took up the drumset later. He has been the U-E Tiger’s Pride Marching Band Drumline and Winter drum line Head Percussion Instructor since 2005. Shimes is also the Public Address Announcer for the Binghamton Devils AHL Hockey team, and has served as the BCVMA hockey announcer since 1997. Shimes plays a PDP X7 drumset, and uses Pro Mark drumsticks.