Eamonn Returns!

Eamonn Returns to the Greater Binghamton and Finger Lakes regions this week with two huge shows.

Friday, June 14
Wagner Vineyard & Winery
Friday Night Pub Night on the Brew Deck
Lodi, NY
6 p.m.

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/438583633355495/
Directions: https://www.google.com/…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89d0ed62…

Saturday, June 15
39th Annual Strawberry Festival
Courthouse Stage
Owego, NY
11:30 a.m.

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1209025165941875/
Parking info: http://www.owego.org/strawberry-festival/

See the complete list of summer dates on Facebook or at HotDogsandGin.com.


Eamonn On National Broadway Tour


52038476_10205665723240151_1637193021579591680_oIn case you were wondering why you didn’t see Eamonn performing much in New York’s Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions earlier this year, it’s because he was busy touring the US with his mom as a member of the cast of Broadway’s School of Rock the Musical!

9665-1122x1496Eamonn joined the tour in January this year as a “swing,” which means he was responsible for knowing dialog, prop movement, choreography, staging, and instrumentation for 4 child roles including guitar whiz Zack Mooneyham and Billy Sanford, band stylist and needed to be ready to perform any one of them at any time if called upon.  He was fortunate enough to take the stage 19 times in multiple cities in 3 of those 4 roles, including rocking the house 7 times as Zack.  He also took his guitar on the road and got to watch the pros do their thing while sitting next to them in the pit for an entire performance, a privilege reserved for swings.  He studied with pit guitarist Dave Saenger of Chicago, a seasoned professional musician, music teacher, and just a really cool guy.  Also in the pit were conductors Julie Homi and Martyn Axe, drummer Lovely Taurus, phenomenal guitarists Anthony Rubbo, Diego Rojas, multi-instrumentalist Ben Zoleski, and renowned bassist Lynn A. Keller– Google her, she’s amazing!

The tour had a bittersweet closing on 6/9/19 in San Jose, CA after 22 fantastic months on the road, and the kids all graduated from Horace Green.  What a wonderful experience– happy trails to the whole cast and crew!  He will miss his tour family greatly.  Check out this great article from the Press & Sun Bulletin.